American Tourister Vs Delsey: Which One is Better?(FIND Out Now In 2023)

author kevin miranda
Kevin Miranda
Founder at - Travelingen

Hi, this is Kevin, your travel guide. I’m a travel freak who already visited 30 countries worldwide. I’ve created this site, Travelingen, for all travel...Read more

author kevin miranda
Kevin Miranda
Founder at - Travelingen

Hi, this is Kevin, your travel guide. I’m a travel freak who already visited 30 countries worldwide. I’ve created this site, Travelingen, for all travel...Read more

Delsey is a French company that manufactures luggage, backpack, and other travel accessories. It was founded in 1946, and it is almost 77 years since it has been maintaining the quality of its products.

On the other hand, American Tourister is an American-based company that started its journey in 1933 in Rhode Island. It is now one of the prominent and largest luggage brands in the world.

Both of them maintain their quality to make sure that their customers are satisfied. But, there is a dispute among the users between “American Tourister vs Delsey” about which one is best.

However, we are not here to recommend one, but we’ll describe the features, benefits, price, design, warranty, and others of both American Tourister and Delsey. After reading out the entire write-up, which one you declare as the winner is entirely up to you.

Who needs a personal travel assistant when you’ve got Delsey by your side? Sure, they may have some minor quirks like a picky zipper here or there, but hey, it’s all part of the adventure! Trust me, once you experience the sleek design and durability of Delsey, you’ll be strutting through the airport like a rockstar, with an unmistakable swagger in your step. Of course when say all that this is the luggage that served us the best, and we think it’ll be the one that you need the most.

American Tourister

Let’s start with the basic details of American Tourister. It is one of the most well-known luggage brands in the world, founded in 1933 in the United States of America.

American Tourister

From its first journey to now, it has been maintaining its quality which makes it popular with millions of travelers. Its build quality, appealing & unique design, and premium materials make it unique from other luggage brands.

Plus, it offers a variety of travel products including luggage items, casual and business bags, and wallets as well. American Tourister is considered one of the most affordable brands in the luggage industry.


Delsey is a French company that produces luggage and travel accessories. It was established in 1946, in Tremblay-en-France, Paris. It is now the second-largest global luggage behind Samsonite.

It has been able to capture users’ attention by manufacturing quality products with unique designs, colors, and premium materials.


In 2015, Delsy launched a smart suitcase called Pluggag, holding built-in electronic gadgets which communicate with a smartphone application. That also has some features including a weighing scale, Bluetooth speaker, phone charger, locator beacon, and remote locking.

Design & Features [American Tourister]

American Tourister luggage comes with a variety of features in its products. The brand produces a vast range of bag types such as soft side, carry-on, hard side, backpacks, duffle bags, and bags for kids.

Design & Features American Tourister

Some of their luggage holds a combination lock with a key. Besides, you don’t need to worry about resetting the lock of American Tourister luggage as it has a reset button inside the luggage.

American Twister manufactures unique design bags and suitcases for both children and adults. The bags made for kids with the images of Mickey & Minnie mouse are very popular among the kids.

Design & Features [Delsey]

A considerable number of people go for Delsey instead of American Tourister because of its unique French design that is aimed at the luxury class.

Design & Features delsey

If you would like to have luggage or a suitcase that will give an aesthetic look when you travel, we recommend purchasing luggage from the Delsey brand.

Moreover, Delsy manufactures sleek aesthetics and vintage-looking models with a modern twist that will give you a charming look, and feel.

Durability [American Tourister]

American Tourister is not as durable as Delsey because of the materials they used. To save the production cost, ABS, Polycarbonate combinations, and polyester fabric has been used to make the luggage, or backpacks of the brand instead of polycarbonate, Nylon, or Aluminum.

Durability [Delsey]

The durability of Delsey is much more than the American Tourister. They use the best material Polycarbonate to make luggage or suitcase. Polycarbonate is more durable than ABS or Polypropylene.

Most of the hard shell bags of the brand such as Delsey Titanium are made of polycarbonate. For fabric bags, the brand used nylon over polyester which is more abrasion resistant and will last longer than the bags made of Polyester.

Warranty [American Tourister]

If you consider the warranty, you must choose the luggage of the American Tourister brand. It offers a 10 years global warranty which is indeed the best part of the brand.

The warranty is applicable if you find manufacturing defects in materials or other problems that are the fault of the manufacturer.

If you find this type of problem we mentioned, the American Tourister will either fix the problem or replace the products.

The 10 years warranty is for those who are the first purchaser or gift recipient of the products.

Warranty [Delsey]

The duration of the warranty is one of the drawbacks of the brand. It offers the highest 10 years warranty but only covers manufacturing defects.

They don’t even offer a worry-free warranty whereas most of the manufacturers have already started offering it for premium models.

Worries-free warranty means covering all damages including airlines. If it gets included, then Delsey will get an extra mark on it.

Price [American Tourister]

If you would like to have luggage at an affordable cost, you should go for an American Tourister. You can purchase a carry-on bag of American Tourister for between $50 to $100. On the other hand, it will cost $60 to $180 for a luggage set. It will offer excellent value for your money.

Price [Delsey]

To purchase luggage on a middle budget, you can go for the Delsey brand. The product price of the brand starts from $70, and it can reach up to $300. However, you can purchase a quality suitcase or luggage for between $100 and $150 which is well-made.

American Tourister Vs Delsey [Which One is Better]

It is a bit difficult to say which one is better because both brands have different features, designs, warranties, and prices.

As you have to choose one, you can compare it with each other. We have demonstrated both the good sides and bad sides of these two brands.

American Tourister Vs Delsey

If you would like to get an aesthetic French model luggage that is made of quality materials, you can go for Delsey. But keep in mind that, the duration of the warranty and worry-free warrant are two major drawbacks of the brand’s product.

On the other hand, you can choose an American Twister if you are looking for luggage at an affordable cost that also offers 10 years of global warranty. It is made of ordinary materials; that’s why it is at an affordable price range.

So, which one you will choose depends on what you want. In that case, you can consider a number of things such as durability, warranty, materials, and price range.

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Final Thought

So this was all about American Tourister vs Delsey. We have described both the good and bad sides of these two brands.

You can choose any of the brands as both are well-known and have been manufacturing quality products for a long time.

To have the best suitcase or luggage, you just need to keep a few things in mind such as durability, materials, warranty, and price.

If you consider those things while purchasing luggage, you will be able to choose the best one. No matter which brand it belongs to.

Hi, this is Kevin, your travel guide. I’m a travel freak who already visited 30 countries worldwide. I’ve created this site, Travelingen, for all travel enthusiasts to provide the latest tips, tricks, reviews, and solution guides and help them to track down the best options for their next trip. Especially here on this site, I’m going to help people to select the right luggage and backpacks for their next trip. Hope you are gonna stick around and learn some of the cool stuffs that i wish i had known when i first started traveling. Bon Voyage!

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